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Last Name, City, Title, Skills Search Instructions: "Word" finds exact word/phrase/name. Multiple words can be search for separating each word/phrase with a semicolon. Example: engineer; "RF"; application will go out and find any occurence of engineer (engineering, engineered, etc), exact match on RF and any occurence of application (applications, etc). A Title word search will look only in the current/past title and future title words field, while a skills search will look in ALL relevant fields. Words or phrases which may have been entered in more than one way requires special handling. Example: "realtime". Suggest that you search for Skills1 [real time; real-time; realtime][find Any] (will look any occurenc), then also Skills2 [real;time][find All]. This way you look for both Skills1 and Skills2 to be true.

The Email field search looks for anything email that has that string in it. (@jqt2.com finds jims8@jqt2.com, jim@jqt2.com, etc). jim.turner@jqt2.com finds probably only jim.turner@jqt2.com.

The State field search looks for an exact match for any state you select (Example: TX or FL or CA). exact match.
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